Question about syncing with simultaneous changes

I want to verify if I understand the syncing proces correct from the manual.

The manual states that differences are merged between the server and the local database on the iMac, iPhone or iPad. This means that as long as I edit and add different tasks on my iMac and iPad simultaneously, syncing will always work OK.

For example:

  1. I update task 1 and add task 10 on my iPad
  2. my iPad syncs with the server
  3. my iMac hasn’t synced yet but I update task 2 and add task 11 on my iMac
  4. now my iMac syncs with the server
    All changes (updated task1 and 2, and new task 10 and 11) are on my iMac (my iPad needs to sync again to be up to date).

Do I understand this correct?

Correct. And if you edit the same task on separate machines, you’ll get some sync, but it may be “last change wins.”


Thank you!