Question about using Flags for tasks I want done today


I want to use flags as a way of getting tasks done today, but flags aren’t an option to view in forecast view.
I also tried adding flags to the Due perspective, but the way Omnifocus works with the nested rules I am finding it quite difficult.

If I want to use flags as a sort of “today” view without giving them absolute due dates, any suggestions? Thanks!!

You might think about ditching forecast view. I use a kind of funnel system of tags. Untagged, On Radar, Immediate. On radar is, well, stuff on my radar for next few months. Immediate is stuff I’m engaged with currently. Each day, I flag the items from Immediate that I would like to accomplish by nighttime – violà a today view. If there are assigned due dates they show up in first yellow, then red anyway. Projects, items move Kanban style from Untagged, to On Radar, to Immediate – or sometimes the reverse ;) For scheduling I use a separate calendar app – forecast seems neither fish not fowl to me… Best — EJ

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That’s a great idea … One issue that I’m trying to work out is that several of my flagged tasks are repeated.

For example, if there’s a book I want to make sure I read, I have it flagged to repeat every three days, so that I read a little bit every three days. On some days, I want to make sure I do it on THAT day, so I could set the tag to “today” (or “immediate” using your scheme), but then it changes that tag ‘forever’, so to speak … Any thoughts?

You might like to consider a different approach for the repeated tasks. I have an every 3 day check-project, another weekly check-project and so on. I don’t repeat those projects at all, I simply have set the review period to correspond to the checking period. When I click on the ”Mark Reviewed” button, I won’t have to see the project there until it’s time for a new review. This solution might be a bit odd, but it works very well for me.

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Just leave it flagged and immediate but make it a repeating action that is “deferred again” after 3 days or however much time you want. I forgot to mention: key is keeping my default view as “available.” The fact that you can make tasks invisible until you want to see them again is, er, huge ;)

It’s a visibly great feature.

Not sure I understand? “It’s a visibly great feature.” Thanks!

If I add an 🤪 emoji does that help?

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