Question for Omni Users with MacBook 12-Inch

Anyone using the Omni suite along with other apps with the MacBook 12-Inch (Early 2015)? How is your experience with it? Fine? Slow? Fast? I plan on getting the new MacBook 12-Inch (Early 2016) next month for admin tasks.

I’m curious about your experience while performing other admin tasks. Maybe OmniFocus full screen with about 4-5 other full screen apps like:

  • Mail
  • Safari with 4-6 tabs
  • DevonThink Pro Office (maybe)
  • iTunes

Mail, Safari, and OmniFocus are fine.

If your iTunes library or DevonThink Pro Office databases are larger, you will be pushing the performance.

Hopefully the new MacBook will be a little better in performance. But I decided on waiting for the new MacBook Pro 13". More than enough horsepower for just about anything. I’m suspecting the new MBP 13" will be slimmer (although not as lightweight as the 12" MacBook).