Question: How do I change the line width of my document?

I want to change the line width, preferably in characters, of my document? Right now my document just stretches to the end of the open window, which is far too wide. I want to limit my line width to 75-100 characters so that it is more readable.

How do I go about doing this?

Thank you,

Richard Nash
Los Angeles, CA

Make sure column headers are visible (View > Column Headers > Show, or Automatic if you have two or more columns) and then drag the right edge of the column header.

Make sure you don’t grab the window edge by mistake (OS X can be finicky about this). Try coming at it from the left side, rather than the right. You’ll know your mouse is in the right place when your cursor looks like this:

I’m curious, does the column width setting also affect the sentence length when exporting (or using cut & paste)?

I’ve noticed that when I export text (or use copy & paste) that exported or pasted sentences “wrap” after about 72 characters. In other words, a sentence ends up on two lines vice one once pasted.