Question: How do I change the paragraph style of a paragraph?

Hi Omni,

New user here. I could not find the answer in the documentation so i figure i should ask here…

I want to change the paragraph style on a paragraph to a different style. I assumed that all I would have to do is put my curser in the paragraph and go to the style pane in the bottom and select the style I want to change it to. Unfortunately nothing happens, and the style does not seem to change. The style i select becomes the selected style, but the paragraph does not change its look, even though the new style i have selected for it is very different in appearance. Please help, as this behavior is very strange and unintuitive for me.

The paragraph styles that I am creating for my document are all unique and not template styles, as I am trying to develop my own template for this and future documents.

Thank you in deviance for your help :-)

Richard Nash
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Richard,

It sounds like you want to click the checkboxes next to the name of the style you’d like to apply to the selected text.

You need to select the whole paragraph or whatever selection you want to change the style of. If it is the whole content of a row, it is best to select the row instead of all the text inside it just to avoid potential confusion later. OmniOutliner does not have the same concept of paragraph vs character styles like MS Word does.