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When I modify a task to Mac and I press ESC, Omnifocus don´t not synchronize automatically, but if I modify a task created and I press enter (to create other task more) then, automatically Omifocus synchronize.

In the first option, why doesn´t Omnifocus synchronize?

Thank friends!


If you go into your preferences and turn your Outlining preferences to Classic Mode, Escape will then confirm edits and will sync.

The reason Escape doesn’t trigger a sync in Modern Mode is that Escape cancels editing by default while return commits your changes. It sounds like Classic Mode is the behavior you are looking for. Give that mode a try and hopefully it will work for you!


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Lanette thank you very much, I’ve tried both ways, but only begins to synchronize OmniFocus if:

-Mode Classic: pulse enter.
-Mode Modern: pulse 2 times enter.

That is, OmniFocus synchronizes when he sees new tasks or every x time, is that so?

Thanks greetings!

Hi there @j3suss! OmniFocus will synchronize a change immediately if that change affects certain summary info about your database. There are a bunch of different things that qualify as summary info, such as:

  • The number of tasks in your Flagged perspective
  • The number of tasks that would appear on any given day in Forecast
  • …and several more

If you make changes that don’t affect this info, OmniFocus may wait up to one minute before syncing, in order to make your syncs a little more efficient. Often, changing the name of a task or making other modifications won’t trigger an immediate sync – but if you wait just a minute, you should see an automatic sync happen shortly.

I hope that helps! Thanks for using OmniFocus!

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