Quick Add - Add Tasks to Top of Project

I use Mac Mail and use the Quick Add feature to add an email as a task to a project. However, when doing this it always adds the task to the very bottom of the project.

Is there a way to make Quick Add add tasks to the top of the project? More often than not, I need action taken on the emails before I need action taken on the rest of the project. If the project is a sequential project, then the email would be the very last thing that gets done.

Actions are always added to the end of a project. So, you would need to manually go to the project to adjust the action’s position in the project.

One suggestion is to add a tag called something like “Reorder” to actions that you’d like to reorder. You could have a regular routine (perhaps once a day…or as often as needed) of going through anything with this tag and adjusting its position in its respective project. The tag would be cleared from the action once the action’s position has been adjusted.

Assuming you’re using Pro, a custom perspective could be used to quickly surface projects that contain at least one action that’s tagged “reorder”.

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That’s a fantastic idea! I didn’t think of using tags like this on Quick Edit. Thanks again!!

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You’re very welcome. Good to hear this was helpful!

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