Quick date entry

I’ve been searching for an answer, but unable to find one.

I’m considering migrating over from Remember the Milk, but am finding that it just takes too long to set up events. In RTM I can just say something like “Do X tom 7p” and it will create a to-do of “Do X” due 7 PM tomorrow. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but cannot figure out how to avoid having to navigate to the due date field and type in the due date. What am I missing. (using the Mac trial version. If I switch, I’ll buy the mobile version as well)

You can use natural language for dates, but need to use full words, i.e. “tomorrow”, “next Friday”, etc.

You can also use relative dates like “4d”, “2w”, etc.

There’s a page or two in the manual in the iBooks store that goes through the various different formats, well worth a look.



Thanks for the quick reply. I should have been more clear - if you navigate to the date field, certain shortcuts work. Do you have to navigate to the date field in order to set a due date, or is there a way to just do it when typing in the task?

Rather than pointing to a competing product, think about the calendar app - when making an appointment, you can type “lunch with bill noon tuesday” and you will get an appointment for “lunch with Bill” at noon on Tuesday. Can you do the same in OF, or is the only way to set a date by actually clicking over to the date field?

I believe you have to navigate to the date field.

I’d be in two minds about this being added as an ability because it could have the same problem as Reminders in Siri or Fantastical, which is my other experience of this sort of date and time entry - when I want to be reminded at noon that Tuesday I will have lunch with Bill, it won’t remind me until noon Tuesday, which is not what I asked it to do… I find myself having to correct things (thus losing time) almost as often as it saves me time by getting it right first off.

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