Quick Entry drops parent Tags of a Project if new Tags are added

When using the Quick Entry function on Mac, I’ve found to my frustration that if you add a tag, any parent Tags contained at the Project level are not then added.

Basically it seems if you add any new Tag during the Quick Entry, OmniFocus adds that Tag to a blank slate rather than inheriting the parents it would if you didn’t add any Tags at all.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to have Quick Entry create a new Task within a Project and inherit both the Tag I’ve explicitly given it, and the Tag it would normally inherit as a child of the Project. Currently if I add any Tags I then also need to reassign the parent Tag.

Has anyone encountered this and come up with a solution?

I’ve found that the issue is not unique to Quick Entry. It also occurs when assigning tasks from the Inbox. If you assign any Tag there, it overwrites parent tags on the Project with the new Tags. This seems like a major drawback.

I on the other hand was quite happy when I noticed that that is what happened because that’s exactly the way I would like it to behave.

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I guess damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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