Quick Entry for OmniOutliner?


I really like OmniOutliner. I wish it had a “quick entry” type way of entering stuff into an outline. I remember there used to be a clip-o-tron and/or web plug-in for this functionality in a long-ago iteration of the app.

I’m not sure I necessarily need a browser plug in. But something akin to the quick entry for OmniFocus functionality would be awesome. Something where you could select text and use a keyboard shortcut and have the text populate the “inbox” and then hit enter and whatever text you just selected would get appended or prepended to an outline, possibly the last open outline or even one that’s running in the background.

Seems like you smart folks could port the same basic functionality from OmniFocus to OmniOutliner with some tweaks. I think this would be helpful for researchers and writers.


– R


that’s a great idea. why didn’t i think of it? i’m going to put in a feature request.

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