Quick entry tabbing issue

When I use the Quick entry in my latest beta download, using the tab key does not send the curser through the fields properly. It should (and used to) go from the action title to the note icon then to project and context, defer and then due. Now it seems that if I hit tab after typing the action tile, the curser goes to some neverland. I can still see the curser, but it is about half size, located below the note icon. Typing does nothing. Hitting tab does nothing. If I manually click in the project field, it works fine.

Hmm. When I hit tab after entering the action title in Quick Entry, it does skip over Note, but goes right to Project, then to Context, then Defer, then Due.

Seems to be working now in the most recent build. It may have just been some quirk in the install I did yesterday.

Actually, there was some buzz about this option. Having notes after the dates was exactly the tabbing order in OF1…

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Still having this issue. When I tab from the action title the cursor is gone (and the whole entry line is selected in grey). Also clicking in the project or context field doesn’t work for me.