Quick entry to Omnifocus -OF 3 friendly?

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Have installed this shortcut as it was exactly what I needed. However I noticed that the first input requested doesn’t go into the task name - UNLESS i add a leading “!” To flag the task and then the task appears as expected in OmniFocus in the task field and is flagged as expected but is not in task field if I don’t have the leading ‘!’. Ie don’t want the task flagged

The input from sharesheet is great - thank you for that!

Ah yep. Try this one:


Thank you. Trying to download this one - seems in a constant loop while trying to download it - will try later. Thank you for the prompt response much appreciated!

Just realized I’m on iOS 13 so it may not be backwards compatible.

If you modify the existing one you have to add the “Else” statement to the “if task contains !”. Then tell it to set the variable Task to the encoded Task value. That should take care of it.

Thank you - I’ll give it a try.

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