Quick question for the group

Just went to OF3. Working with Tags. Rather than just tag things as I go I, I wanted to be more more proactive and add a tag structure all at one time. I will keep it pretty flat but would like to next under people, etc. Is there a more efficient way than adding the tag and them going into the inspector to move it under another tag?

Thanks in advance!

that was “nest” not next…

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Batch editing! Using the Edit button, you can select more than one task at a time, then apply the tag.
  2. If you’re on Pro, you can use the Forecast Tag. While the purpose of this setting is to have actions show up in Forecast, it also enables a swipe-to-tag for the selected Tag. As such, you could set it this to the one you want to apply a bunch, run around your database swiping to tag, then set it back to the Tag that suits the intended purpose of Forecast.

Hope this helps!


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lol I totally read this question wrong.

To properly answer, the fast way is, when creating a new Tag, type Parent : NewTag (that’s the name of an existing Tag to nest under, a space, a colon, a space, and then the name of the new Tag).

Apologies for being off-track, but I’m going to leave that post there because I just thought of the Forecast Tag trick, and figure it might be useful?



Thanks ScottyJ,

Grin… Nice to get two tricks for the question of one!