Quickest way to delay a task

I have a task with past defer and due dates:


What is the quickest way to set both the defer and due at some future date by maintaining the difference (interval) between the existing defer and due dates?

Here is the script I use. I put in my omnifocus/help/open scripts folder then added to my toolbar for quick access. Came from post “omnifocus script that increments due dates?” 7/2019.

Not sure how to get script to format here just search the above and you should find it.

Let me know if you have trouble locating

In case it is of any interest, I published a Plug-In to increment both defer and due dates by same amount.

Thanks, must have missed seeing your plug-in. I will check it out.

I was expecting to find a .omnijs file but this seems to link to a folder with a manifest.json file and subfolder with resources. How do we convert this to an Omnifocus automation plugin please?

Thanks for bringing this, @robforsyth. Try downloading it again and adding .omnifocusjs to the end of that folder name. It should be recognised as a plug-in bundle.

Tell me if it works for you.

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Got it now – thanks!

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