Quickly assign the same task to multiple ressource

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I have a new question. When you assign a task to a group of resources.
It means: “any resource of the group can take this task.”

My problem is that in my project: Many resources must do the same task altogether in the same time.
For instance: if I decide to update the interface of my store. The Web Front, iOS and Android dev must do the same thing in each web, iOS, Android client.

Is there a way to do that quickly?
• Because I should assign each resource to the task (meaning 6 clicks)
• or I should assign the group of dev and set 300% of 300%

This is slow and boring to do.

PS: And I have a lot of tasks where I need to do that … a lot!

A quick way to assign multiple resources at once to a task is going to be from the Resource View. Here you can select multiple resources at once from the list in the left-hand sidebar. You can then drag and drop that selection of resources onto a task in the center portion of the window. Here is a GIF to help demonstrate:

Hope this helps!

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I am not able to drag & drop resources as shown on the GIF - using v.3.6.2.
Am I missing something?

@fwoiret Sorry about that! It looks like you’ve discovered a bug that we weren’t yet aware of in the most recent OmniPlan updates. I’ll file a bug in our development database so that we can look into reimplementing this functionality! For the time being, assigning tasks quickly via the resource drop down menu in the Task Inspector might be the best way to accomplish this workflow.

@ains OK. Glad to contribute to the quality of this great product :)
And thanks for the other procedure.