Quickly create new projects in nested OmniFocus folders

In OmniFocus 1, there was the ability to add a new project in a nested folder by typing condensed folder paths.

For instance, if I have a folder called ‘Work’ and a subfolder called ‘Admin’ I could type the following in the project field of a task in the Inbox and then hit Cmd-Return for the project to be created in that folder (note the spaces between ‘w’ and ‘:’ and ‘a’):

w : a : New Project Name

This functionality has been removed from OmniFocus 2 and the development team have told me it is something they are looking at reintroducing.

Are there other ways for creating new projects in nested folders from a task that I’m missing? Or, do I need to go into that folder, create the project, return to the Inbox and assign the task to that project?

Apologies if this is something already in a later release, I’m still using Mavericks and have not been able to update to the most recent release.

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It no longer works with the abbreviated paths, but you can create new projects inside a folder by typing out the full unabbreviated path.

I was hoping this was going to have been reimplemented in OmniFocus 2 by now. Are there plans to allow projects to be created in nested folders using abbreviated paths? It is such a pain having to either type an entire path or create the project and then move it to a nested folder afterwards. Some of my folder names or paths are quite long so typing the entire path is time consuming and open to human error.

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I would like to bring this back up again because we are heading towards OmniFocus 3. Are there any plans to implement this functionality again, or is it gone for good?