Random project reordering

Random Project reordering.

Has anyone experienced random reordering of projects.

I manually alphabetize my projects and from time to time they randomly reorder themselves.
The latest event happened and when I hovered over one project it reordered right in from of me.

Is there a way to glue them in place or at least thumtack them.

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Hmm… that definitely should not be happening. It’d be helpful for you to email omnifocus@omnigroup.com so one of our Support Humans can work directly with you to figure out why this is happening. (Not sure I can promise any superglue, though.)


Thank you Lizard
Followed your advice

Been having this problem too. Could you post the solution when you get one?

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Same here. I reorder and then they still move back to the initial place they were… Any ideas?

Seen this happening recently. I tried to reorder the projects manually, but they moved back instantly. Later on that day I tried again and then all was fine and it still is.

Don’t know what was going on.

Was there ever a reply to this? I’m recently having the same problem.

@meislin Please email us so we can investigate this more directly.