Random spinning Beach Ball

I’m running OS 10.11.6, on MBA, 2GHz i7 with 8GIG ram…

From the very beginning I get the random beach ball for 3 - 5 seconds then disappears and app functions as normal. I would say this happens every 15 or 20 minutes or so. No consistency or pattern. I could be using arrows to move, typing, copy and paste, creating or editing links… Just navigating back to the app from another window will give me this.

The Doc I’m working on is a fairly large one 425MB and is a copy -> paste from Circus Ponies Notebook.

Has anybody else seen this, and resolved it? Or any ideas?


A 425 MB OmniOutliner document?! Wow. That’s pretty big. I’d have to imagine just saving that could take some time which could beachball.

Do you have lots of attachments in the document?