Re-arrange items in inspector?

Is possible to somehow re-arrange items in the inspector (even with editing some Omnifocus files)?
I’d like to see only important information.

What’s my issue:

  1. Notes are too low, need to scroll to see them
  2. Repeat &, Review used only occasionally, I want these part to be collapsed by default
  3. Deferred& Due times:
  • Deferred used only occasionally
  • Deferred is the first input, very often I put desired due date here by mistake instead of to Due
    I’d like to move Due to first position.

Looking forward to your hints!

I agree. Thanks #petrpanek for posting this concern. We all have our own ways of using the Inspector so why not let us customize it a bit? My own preference is to move notes upward into the tags position and move tags to the bottom or turn them off. I don’t use them.