Re: Can't see items for a specific context (Is this a bug?)

I have a tag called, “Candidates” (for recruiting). My typical workflow is to create project that is the job requirement, e.g. Software Engineer 0505. Then each name is a task in that project with sub tasks for that name, e.g. Bruce Willis is the candidate and the sub tasks could be 1) Get availability; 2)Schedule Interview; etc.

In this workflow I give each name a context of “Candidate”. When I click on that context in OF for Mac AND iOS, I see a total number of candidates, but the only ones that are viewable are those with no sub-tasks. When I assign a sub-task, I lose the ability to see those tasks (names) associated to the “Candidates” context/tag.

The obvious perspective I want is to see all candidate across all jobs (projects) in one view (Ideally, with their respective sub-tasks).

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In OF for Mac there’s a setting under Organization: In perspectives without project hierarchy - Include projects and groups. Checking that will allow your candidate action groups to show up

That setting syncs to iOS, though with the V3 perspectives you have more granular control since there’s an available filter rule for “Is not a project or group”

I’ve got a simlar problem, and think iOS v3 actually has less control in this case…If you have a Perspective that filters based on tag(s), the only tasks that are shown are tasks with the filtered tag, not all tasks. An improvement on this would be a filter that looks at Projects, but allows all the filtered projects’ tasks to be viewed.

For example, I’m in sales and tag my projects (sales opportunities) to indicate the quarter in which I am attempting to close the sale (e.g. #2018-Q3). But if I build a custom perspective to show projects for Q3, I only see related tasks if that task also has the #2018-Q3 tag.

Yeah, it would be nice if there were a filter to select projects with a given tag. That would probably be a good one to email in.

In the meantime, you might consider moving those projects to a 2018-Q3 folder instead. It would at least allow you to make the perspective you have in mind.

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@deaghean, thanks for the reply. That was exactly the fix!

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Can I just add that this issue might be arising only because a project’s tags don’t get inherited by actions within the project?

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Tasks inheriting Project tags might help, but I could also see that approach propagating tags in an unwieldy way. I have to admit I don’t have much experience using tags (either within OF or other apps), haven’t really been forced to think through how to apply them to my needs.

@deaghean I think I’ll try the folder approach you suggested. Typically I like to keep Folder hierarchy for Projects as flat as possible, but I can see in the Custom Perspectives how this solves my problem - thank you for the advice!

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Here’s a trick to look for projects with a tag (as an example):

I like the “well, I’m not NOT a project” formula there 😉

Though, obviously this wouldn’t quite work if you want the project’s actions as well.

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You’re right, but then you can grab the actions with other filters by using an Any of above that 😉


An Any of clause wouldn’t necessarily limit it to actions within the tagged projects, though. If the goal is projects with a given tag + any actions they might have, I don’t think there’s a way to accomplish that short of making sure both the project and actions have the same tag.

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Yeah, you’re right. I think I was thinking that the result of one filter could be used for another, but I’ve clearly got vacationbrain, because that doesn’t work.

It is a useful trick for some (other) conditions where you might want to see projects alongside actions, though.

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