Really slow sync? (not syncing diffs?)

I’m new to OF2 (been a Things user for a while) and am finding the sync on the phone really slow. Like minutes before to-dos I made on my computer showed up on my phone.

I have a few (small) attachments in my database (like hundreds of kbs total), so I’m wondering if it syncs the WHOLE database every time it syncs, instead of just what’s changed.

Also worries me as what the performance will be like once I’ve been using OF2 for years and have a massive database (I use the ‘notes’ field a lot!).

Anyone else finding this to be the case?

It sounds like you’re less concerned about the time that an OmniFocus client spends syncing, and more about the time it takes after one client syncs before another one notices it?

There’s a few possibilities of what could be going on:

In general, only changes are synced up to the server. But periodically, all of the change files that have been seen by all other clients get reorganized into one file and that whole file gets re-sent to the server. So some syncs may be slower than others, even if they contain fewer changes.

If OmniFocus 2 for Mac and OmniFocus 2 for iPhone are on the same local network (such as your home wifi), they will tell each other when they’ve completed a sync, so the other can go fetch it. Even without any changes to post or any notice that other syncs have happened, OmniFocus will sync about once an hour (though you can customize this) and on the iPhone it may sync at other times, based on the iPhone’s background scheduling.

If your iPhone and Mac are both actively running OmniFocus and on the same local network, and changes are still taking several minutes to appear, then something’s probably going wrong… We had some pretty heavy load on several of the Omni Sync Servers the past few weeks, but that’s resolved for almost everyone. (Thanks for your patience, folks!)

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That all makes sense.

It’s synced faster than this, so it might have just been something funky happening that time.