Rebuild Database?

OmiFocus has a Rebuild Database function.

I’ve always thought that this would achieve little - because Omni software is so robust and reliable (and excellent in every way…, but that’s a digression) - but do use it anyway.

New to OmniOutliner, I see that there is no rebuild here.

Am I missing out, please?

Not sure why OmniOutliner would need one; there is no database - like OF - running behind the scenes.

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Thanks, Richard!

My bad, then; no, it wouldn’t, would it? Apols.

I assumed that the rows were in some sort of simple database, so huge and sophisticated is the amount of things they can do!

How is it stored, XML, simple text?


Just opened file with BBEdit and appears to be a packaged XML format.


I see. Makes sense. I’d have thought that that implies that Omni doesn’t expect any updates which would radically change how OO works, b/c it’s not so easy to shift things around in XML, unless by something like a Perl routine, which is pretty trivial.