Recent documents empty in Resource Browser


I just started using OmniOutliner and already found something I do not really understand. When I open the App, the resource browser starts and it gives me a bunch of templates to choose from. However, under the ‘recent’ menu, I don’t see any of my recent OmniOutliner documents I have been working on…is this a bug?!?

thanks, best wishes, and happy new year!

EDIT: Ah, sorry!!! Wrong sub-forum! Can someone please move this?

Are any files showing under File > Open Recents?

Ah, I see! Indeed I have no recent items set in the general macOS system preferences. When I set this to some non-zero value, I can see items in the window. However, I prefer to have this setting at 0 for essentially all other apps. Do you think a future version will be able to show recent items independent of this specific system setting?

There aren’t any current plans for making it independent from the OS feature but I’ll file your request.

Great, thanks! 😊