Recurring task that avoids weekends/holidays

I believe this was promised ages ago (likely long forgotten), and I get that it would be a challenge to program, but hey…

I want to be able to set recurring tasks such that they will avoid weekends, holidays (as defined by iOS/OS X Calendar, as in OmniPlan, perhaps), and vacation days (not sure how to identify those).

Things like paying bills can often be done on weekends (online), but payments aren’t processed until Mondays, so when the task falls on a Saturday, I’d rather it got done on Friday. Yes, Reviews can help mitigate this, and that’s what I do currently, but this is what task management software should do! :)

Bills may not be the best example, but I think you get the idea.

You can specify that an action repeat on specific days of the week by specifying a Repeat Every value of “1 week” in the inspector and then selecting the days of the week that you want the task to repeat. For example, the following action is set to repeat only on weekdays. I find that it’s necessary to specify a Defer Until value (even if it’s today) to avoid having due dates assigned.

It isn’t currently possible to have OmniFocus automatically skip special dates (e.g. holidays). Though, you can implement this manually. For example, if it’s Friday before a long weekend, you could manually change the defer date to Tuesday so that the next action doesn’t become available until then.

I hope this helps.


Thanks, Tim; that’s basically where I am. I’m really hoping that this manual spot-it-coming-and-avoid-the-weekend/holiday thing gets looked after by OmniFocus. This is what computers are supposed to be good at (well, that and storing Mom’s recipes). :)

I agree…it would be great to have more flexibility built into the Repeat feature. I’d also like to be able to, for example, have specify that an item show up on the 12th of every month or the last Friday of the month.

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I couldn’t agree more.

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It won’t show up on the 12th of every month if you specify “repeat every: one month”?

You’re right…that would work. Though when it does become available I’d like to be able to defer it a day or two and still have it store up on the 12th the following month. It’s already possible to do this with days of the week (e.g. I can have an action always show up on Monday, but can defer individual actions…e.g. if it’s a long weekend).