Recurring Tasks implementation on Omniplan


I emailed as instructed. I also STRONGLY feel this is a necessary feature. I hope it can come out as a patch for this version. Waiting for a future version would be a bummer. I’m very surprised this hasn’t been handled already.


I honestly can’t use this tool without repeating tasks. A repeating task was the very first line item I tried to add to my new project on OmniPlan and it stopped me cold. How is it possible to not have a repeating task: meetings, reviews, admin stuff, time tracking, project meetings…

I have been an Omnigroup Customer for a very very long time (Outline, Graffle, Focus), but I am new to this tool. I am new to this tool but not to PM, am I missing something obvious?


Yep, struggling to make use of omniplan without the ability to schedule repeating tasks like meetings etc… How hard can this possibly be to implement?


Personal opinion, of course, but I really don’t think this is what OP is for. It’s essentially a waterfall-style project planning tool - not a schedule or activity manager.

You might do better with something like Trello/Asana


I would love to see the ability to make complete task groups recurrent.
For example we produce modules (up to a 100 semi-simultaneously) and the tasks involved are basically the same for each module.
There should be the option to manually change the parameters of each recurrent task afterwards.
Thank you for taking our request into account.


If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you email your suggestions Omniplan support - that will get it onto their list of possible future features


Still not implemented? Another usecase - have plenty of tasks that some ressources spend 30-60 min on each day and it doesn’t seem to be possible to set them. Eg. 30 min every wednesday, 60 min every friday etc.


I think that kind of task is falling into the crack between project management and task management (omniplan and Omnifocus. I’m not sure that a waterfall-type planner (like OP) is ever going to handle this well - it’s designed for s different use case.

It would be helpful for Omni to make some sort of statement on whether this will ever be implemented in OP - or whether OF-OP integration will ever come, because that would be a possible approach to a solution


Yeah, I’m also very surprised OmniGroup is not letting us know about their plans. Quite a few people have been asking for this for years. Whether it fits into project management depends very much on how you plan projects and the granularity of the planning that is required. People and projects are different. I’m not using OmniPlan for task management, but for planning.

For instance quite a few recurring tasks are part of this huge 3 year development project I’m working on. Eg. through this project there will be marketing activities for instance where every 3rd day 2 hours will be spent on X, and every 2 day 3 hour spent on Y etc. The same goes for others kinds of tasks. And those affect the schedule (and affect the work/planning for other people) and therefore influence the timeline greatly. If those tasks aren’t included the timeline becomes inaccurate, which is a problem. Also it affects the budget. It really is a pain for some of us.

Would also really like for Omnigroup to provide some sort of a statement on this.