Recurring tasks showing as due/overdue


I have a task that recurs every month, and once I check it off it is still showing as due/overdue (i.e. the icon is red), though the date is updated to the following month. I would like the task to only show as due once the new due date has been reached, and would have thought that this is the way it should work.

Can someone enlighten me?



Silly question: is the task actually still overdue? (I once accidentally assigned a due date in the previous year and was stymied by the persistent overdueness of the task.)

Alternatively, does the recurring task belong to a project that has a due date which has passed? Tasks inherit any dueness of their containing project.


Hi Kyle - thanks. Turns out that the project had a due date, which it shouldn’t have had - now everything is working as expected.

All the best,