Recurring Tasks

Hi, I want to schedule my exercise regime so that each activity gets repeated equally. I want to exercise every 2 days and would like to do a run followed by a strength training session (gym 1), then do a another run and follow that up with a different strength training session (gym 2).

I’ve tried creating a sequential action group which defers 2 days after completion with the following tasks:

  1. Run
  2. Gym 1
  3. Run
  4. Gym 2

When each sequential tasks appears in my view, I defer it to the correct day. I don’t mind this method but when the project is deferred, all tasks appear in the Forecast perspective.

Anyone got any better way of doing this?

I might be wrong here, but I remember reading somewhere that this is how the Forecast perspective works, it’s by design (mine also shows items even if they are deferred). But again, perhaps it’s better if somebody from the staff jumps in on this one.

Hi @stephen2,

You’re problem is not completely clear to me, however, it seems that you have defined the repeat over the sequential action group (which then creates a new action group with all four tasks, deferred 2 days later).

Alternatively you could specify the repeat on a task-level (instead on a project-level). So that each task is individually recreated, with an appropriate defer time.

Hi all, thanks for the replies.

Looking at my post, maybe I wasn’t clear. What I want is for the forecast view to show which of my exercise sessions is due for a particular day. Setting the defer date manually would be a pain if I missed a day as every remaining session would then needed adjusting as well.

It would be nice if you could create a sequential project with each task in the project deferring to 2 days after the previous task has been completed.

I hope that’s a bit clearer.

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I don’t think there’s a perfect solution to this. You could probably come up with something using automation/scripting, but I’m not the best person to help with that.

What I could suggest is something I remember from @Kourosh’s book: using ‘launch’ or ‘trigger’ tasks. Basically it’s a single action that links you to a project from which you can work.

This is how you’d set it up.

  1. Create a project similar to what you’ve described: sequential, auto-completing, no repeats (project or actions), with your ‘run, gym 1, run, gym 2’ sequence.
  2. Get the project’s link (control-click the project in the sidebar or it’s entry in the main view and select ‘Copy as Link’).
  3. Create a repeating action (‘do exercise’ perhaps), deferred two days after completion that includes the link to the project in its notes.

For myself, I work almost entirely on iOS, so I’d probably skip the project links and just create a perspective that’s focused on the gym project. Then when the exercise item is available, I’d go over to the perspective to see what’s to be done.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and it works a treat.

I left the project without the auto-complete setting though and the perspective show all tasks. In use, the ‘Do exercise’ action appears and I check the perspective and see all the workouts in the preferred order and which ones have been completed. When they are all complete I just uncheck them all and repeat.

Excellent idea, thank you.

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