Refresh OmniFocus?

I use OmniFocus 2.0.4 for the Mac. I rarely shut my laptop down and I leave OF open all the time. The problem is that OF doesn’t seem to recognize the passage of time. I always have to close and re-open OF in order for my task due dates to be refreshed relative to the current date. Is there a way to refresh OF other than to close and re-open it?


I use Omni Sync Server so I periodically hit ⌘S to force a refresh.

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Hi there! First off, if you haven’t sent an email to our support team, would you mind doing so? We might consider this a bug, and our support humans can make sure that it gets filed appropriately.

As far as forcing a visual refresh, there are a couple other things you can try:

  • Switch perspectives. For example, if I’m looking at Forecast, I can swap to the Inbox by hitting ⌘1, then quickly back to Forecast with ⌘4. This has OmniFocus reload the contents of Forecast, updating the displayed due dates along the way.
  • Select the items you want to refresh. If it’s everything onscreen, a quick ⌘A might cause enough of a refresh for your purposes.
  • If there are completed items or other things that should be filtered out, a quick manual cleanup can clear those away. Hit ⌘K to have OmniFocus stash away things that should no longer appear onscreen.

Hope that helps!