Refreshing Repeats So Upcoming Repeats "Birthdays" Go To Bottom Of Task List

Hiya everybody

How do I automatically refresh tasks that are on repeat, e.g. Mums Birthday has had her birthday this year but next years is still at the top of Projects List, I can’t figure out how to get those tasks in 2018, sent to bottom of Projects List.

Thanks in advance of any help.


At the end of the week, I got to projects view and select all the tasks. Then I control click to get the pop up menu. Then I sort tasks by defer or due date. This is part of my maintenance routine at the end of the week to get my tasks to stay sorted.

Could probably do an AppleScript for that now that I thInk about it.

Hiya Wilsonng,
Thanks for the reply, its appreciated.

so its impossible to “rotate” tasks automatically?

How would I go about writing an Apple Script, bearing in mind I have never ever coded before?

I also have no idea how to AppleScript. Sorry, can’t help there.

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No worries, Thanks.