Reminders in OF3 [A: Available now in OmniFocus 3.2 for Mac]

Hi all,

I understand adding the reminders/alerts feature back to OF3 was held up at launch by Mojave.

However I havent found any updates as to when this will be added back? Being an OF3 mac user primarily it is starting to get pretty tiresome having to manually go in on iOS to add alerts to tasks after the fact.

Any news would be appreciated!

Omnifocus 3.2 is currently in test and has a bunch of new notification options. Don’t know when it’ll be rebased formally, but it’s been in test for a while now, so I guess not very long away.

Hope that helps


OmniFocus 3.2 for Mac has been released, and it includes notifications!


Well that answers that, thanks Brent!

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