Remove due dates from multiple items

Unless I’m imagining things , I used to be able to select multiple items and then put ’ none " in the due date field in the inspector [with v1 ] This doesn’t seem to be possible anymore .
Is the only solution apple script to do this ?

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As a workaround, you can:

  1. Select the tasks whose due date you wish to clear.
  2. Type in some date in the Due field and press Return. This will temporarily assign all the selected tasks to the same due date. (Don’t use the popup calendar; it seems to have some issues with multiple selection.)
  3. Delete the text in the Due field and press Return. This will clear out the due dates for all selected tasks.

awesome that Works for me . Thanks !

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The workaround works, but it is a pain. Will this be fixed?

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The workaround works, but it is a pain.[/quote]

If it helps, a nice short sequence for doing this is 1 Return Delete Return. (Even fewer characters than n o n e Return.)

I’m not sure how deep this problem is going to turn out to be, but hopefully it’s something we’ll be able to address post-2.0.

I have this issue too, would be useful feature

Just to reiterate the request: two years later, still no easier way to remove due dates from multiple items except the workaround above. It would be handy to have a menu choice to do it faster!

Another reiteration of the request. I still have this problem deleting a selection of defer dates. Looking foward to an eventual fix.