Remove tasks from a perspective that contains a hashtag (i.e: #internet)


I would like to use hashtags to addend my tasks, identifying the required resources to execute them. For me, this includes #internet, #laptop and #exthd.

I know it’s possible to filter IN tasks based on a text search (i.e: but what I’d like to do is filter OUT tasks based on a text search and ideally create a perspective out of that. This really only applies to my ‘low energy’ context as my other contexts make it clear which of these resources I’ll have available (i.e: ‘home’, ‘work’, ‘errands’). So let’s say I were on the subway and had access to my laptop but not the internet or my external hard drive, I’d like to look at my ‘low energy’ context and filter out tasks that involve ‘internet’ or ‘exthd’.

Any suggestions?


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