Removing the project filter on Review Perspective?


I am a new OF2 for Mac user. When looking at the projects perspective, I see that I have my list of projects in the side bar. By default, I see all the projects in the main window as well with their tasks. If I click on a specific project in the side bar, the main window only shows that specific project and its tasks. I found out that clicking on the projects tab removes that filter so that all projects are again listed with their tasks in the main window.

The “Review” perspective doesn’t seem to behave that way. When I click on that perspective, a project is already selected in the side bar and the view in the main window is constrained to that project. Unlike the “Projects” perspective, there doesn’t seem to be a way to view all projects in the main window as opposed to a specific one. Is there a way to achieve the same behavior or is this behavior by design?



The Review perspective is designed to show you only the projects that need to be reviewed based on the review date set (which defaults to weekly unless you customize it). The intention is to focus on each project one at a time with the purpose of keeping your projects updated, organized, and accurate over time so that they remain useful to you. As you use OmniFocus over time, you might find you want to adapt the frequency of performing reviews or change how often you are reviewing some of your projects. See for a short overview of reviews. There is a more in depth video at I can recommend as a great starting point!