Removing the Today-view has made the app nearly unusable for me

After downloading the latest minor patch for Omnifocus (3.11.2), I was shocked to find that my today-view - which has always been my main interface to OF - had been replaced by a (mostly useless) iOS 14 Widgets.
I rarely ever see any criticism raised against these new Widgets, which I find very strange since Widgets are not a replacement for today-view applications.
Widgets are not real-time and they don’t allow for any interactivity - meaning you can’t check off any tasks. Their only redeemable feature is the ability to place them anywhere on your homescreen, and being able to have multiple of them. I don’t think this tradeoff justifies losing the ability to directly manipulate tasks within OF from anywhere.

Am I missing something, or am I just an outlier in the way I use OF?

Try restarting your device. They haven’t removed the old-style widgets, but there seems to be an OS issue that causes them to disappear for a bit after updates.

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Can confirm that the exact same thing happened to me and restarting fixed it. The today tile was available to add again after I had forgotten to charge my phone and ended up having to restart haha.

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