Removing Unused Row Styles

I readily admit I may be missing something, but to date I have found no solution to this matter. When creating structured documents in OmniOutliner, from time-to-time I will inadvertently create another row level. That, in and of itself, is very easy to fix by promoting—or in OmniOutliner nomenclature, “outdenting”—the row. Where the problem lies is that the row style remains despite the fact that no rows in the document exist at that level.

For instance, if I have a document that goes down to Level 4, accidentally indent a row to Level 5, and then correct its level back to Level 4, the Level 5 Rows style remains. If I right-click on the Level 5 Rows style, Delete Style is grayed. Is there a way to delete auto-generated styles when they are not in use?

What happens when you close and re-open the document after outdenting all of the level 5 rows? My understanding is that the available row styles will correspond to the existing row levels within the document and I guess that this is determined when the document is opened and only changed (in real-time) when a new level is used.

Closing and re-opening the document appears to clear out the extraneous row level styles. It would be nice if the row levels were represented in real-time all the time. Something like that should not require closing and re-opening a document. At the very least there should be a function to refresh styles.

So, I guess that is one more fro my feature request list. 😁