Rename file on iOS

how can I change the name from “My Outline” on ios?

also why is there no search field on the “Referencd Manual” page?

From the online manual:

The On My [device] folder is where your OmniOutliner files (outlines, templates, and Omni Automation plug-ins) are saved on your device.

The square thumbnail images in this folder are document previews that represent individual OmniOutliner files or folders.

These document previews display the name of the file or folder, as well as the date and time it was created or last changed. Tap a document preview to open the associated file. To change the name of a file or folder, tap the name and then enter a new title.

3.1 will be added the Reference Manual to the app bundle and will contain a search field. For the online help, if you search from the support site, it will return results from the Reference Manual and any other support articles.

Filenames can also be changed by tapping on the filename in the top toolbar when editing a document. This is assuming there’s space to show it.

Also note that only local or OmniPresence stored files can be renamed this way due to sandboxing restrictions. Files store in iCloud or other locations will need to be renamed through Files or app/service storing them.