Reorganizing daily to do items

I would like to reorganize my daily to do items each morning to reflect the order in which I which to address them through the day. I see how to reorganize in the projects list but can’t find a way to do so in the daily items list.

I tried drag and drop. Doesn’t work. Again, does so in the projects list; but not in the daily list. I tried holding down various keys–option, control, command. None helped.

Any advice is welcome.

John Kendrick

My quickest hack for my Today perspective is that it is grouped by context and sorted by due date. I then re-order stuff within the contexts by giving them “ranked” due date times (i.e. 6am, 7am, 8am), so the sorting by due date puts them in that order.

There’s probably a better/easier way, but I find this simple enough.


Thanks for the very quick response. I see what youa re doing. However, I would prefer the capability of doing it more on the fly. So I start my morning, looking at the list for the day. Then order them as to sequence to perform. I do that, at least in Things, manually. I had assumed I could do the same in Omnifocus. Just drag and drop. Apparently not.

That’s not a deal breaker vis a vis Things. But it’s definitely a very serious negative.

John Kendrick

You cannot manually reorganize items in OmniFocus when you are viewing it in a “context” view. Only when in a “project” view. It’s just how OmniFocus is :-(

I was afraid that was the answer I was likely to get. I gather that’s also true of version 2 Pro as well. If so, I’m going to have to look harder for another daily organizer. Too bad.

John Kendrick

Yeah, I hear what you’re saying. I set the due times in the morning to do that ordering, like you describe. I agree, drag and drop might make more sense, though, if we could.

Another possible workaround, is that if grouped by contexts, tasks are ordered by context in the order that contexts appear in the sidebar. In this way, I made a context called “First”, which I put to the top of my contexts list. In the mornings, I change the context of my most important thing(s) to “First”, and just like that, they’re top of my list in my “Today” perspective. To fine tune the order, then I use due times to tweak the order (because my perspective groups by context and sorts by due date).

That’s just my workflow, though.


Thanks, Scotty.

Sounds like a bit of a workaround. Since that’s the best that’s been suggested, short of the Omni folk giving us drag and drop manually reordering, I’ll try it.

John Kendrick

Hi John - I too am frustrated by this limitation - I sent in a request by email to add this functionality and suggest that you do as well so it is on their radar.


I assumed that registering my desires here would be sufficient. I gather that’s not the case. I’ll do as you suggest.

John Kendrick

Yes, sadly email is the method for registering feature requests and +1s to open requests. :/


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