Repeat, defer all subtasks in OF3

I have a bunch of tasks which are repeated monthly, but don’t actually have strong due dates. Previously, I’ve been marking them Due every 1st of the month, and then just handling them as I see fit. I’m trying to avoid putting due dates on things which don’t have express due dates, which means converting this type of task to deferred dates.

My tasks are like this:

Start of month tasks (tried both: project, action)
  - A (action)
  - B
  - C
  - D
Mid month tasks
  - W
  - X
  - Y
  - Z

Previously I think I was able to refrain from putting “due date” or “repeating info” on individual tasks, which allowed relocating tasks within these groups. I can’t seem to figure that out now. When OF3 came out, I assigned the following to the Start of month tasks project, as a copied taskpaper line (hopefully that’s helpful):

Start of month tasks
  @defer(2018-11-01 00:00) 

As I accomplished the tasks, I checked them off, hoping they’d come back at the start of December. However, here we are and they didn’t become available again.

I’m sure it’s something subtle, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Thanks for looking

Have you completed all the tasks in the project so that it auto-completed the project itself as well? Or have you manually completed the project?

I marked all of the actions as complete, and the parent auto-completed.

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