Repeat Every, Defer Another middle ground option?

I don’t think this is currently possible, but thought I’d ask before giving up -

What I really want is a hybrid of “Repeat Every” and “Defer Another”. I’d like it to be anchored to a specific day of the week like “Repeat Every”, but triggered upon completion of the existing instance, like “Defer Another”.

I imagine this is a common scenario for anyone that uses Omnifocus to handle recurring tasks - you miss a few days of something and suddenly you have 3+ “past due” instances of the same item that you must click through to get to the current day’s version. For daily items this can easily be resolved by changing to “Defer Another” with a 1 day offset.

The problem is with things that I may not get around to every week, for instance, but I DO know that I want them to show up on my list on Saturdays after I complete them. Let’s say it is “mow the yard”. Due to my schedule, this may be something that I only ever want to plan for on a Saturday - that is the day I plan for this sort of thing.

However, if we’re out of town, or I just get lazy (much more likely :) ), I don’t need to mow the lawn multiple times next Saturday, which is what would happen if I used Repeat Every. Further, I don’t want to mark this week complete, cause maybe I get some spare time on Wednesday to mow. I don’t want to plan for that, but don’t want to simply kill the current iteration and wait for the next weekend either.

Unfortunately, if I’m using “Defer Another”, it appears that if I do get time on Wednesday, my next “mow the yard” task is going to now anchor tot he following Wednesday. What I’d really like to see is that it goes away and the next iteration is set to the following Saturday.

Is this at all possible? To essentially have the “create when” functionality of a defer another, which creates upon completion of the previous instance along with the “place” functionality of repeat another, which lets you actually specify the day of the week you’d like that (along with the custom input for things like every 2 weeks)?

If nothing else, perhaps we could get a checkbox under Repeat Every that could say something like “Only if completed”?


You might want to consider putting on your calendar every Saturday, for example, that you are going to work on a particular context. Set that context’s actions to be “defer another” for a number of days when it will be time to do that task again. if you mowed the grass on Wednesday, it won’t be in that context list during the weekend, I assume. The downside is that you will have to get into the habit of doing housework on the weekend.