Repeat Every Month on a Weekday?

I have a repeating action I just set up to basically run the 5th of every month, but I want the due dates to basically be just weekdays. So July 5th is a Sunday, so I really don’t want it due until July 6th. I can’t see a way to set it up this way.

I’m afraid there isn’t one. OF does not have such granularity today.
I suggest you email the Omni Ninjas with this as a feature request. That’s the official way to have them considering it as an eventual feature for a coming release. ;-)

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You might try setting the repeat interval to “Repeat Every: 4 weeks,” and then use the date chits to limit the repeats to specific days of the week.

For more information about this repeat option, check out this support article: Limit Repeating Actions to Weekdays in OmniFocus 2