Repeat every nth day of month

I’m struggling to see how to set repeats to repeat every nth day of the month (in this case the first Monday). Can anyone put me right please? If I dare say so, it’s easy to do in MSOutlook, so I’m surprised if OF doesn’t support it.


Sorry, OmniFocus doesn’t offer a way to repeat tasks based on a weekday of the month like you describe at this time, though this is one of the ideas we’re considering for a future release. I’ll let the team know you’d like to see this, too. Thanks for letting us know that’d benefit your workflow, and in the meantime at least I’m sorry to disappoint!


I’ve been asking for this feature for literally years. I end up putting these tasks in my calendar, because Fantastical, BusyCal, Mac Calendar, and all the iOS apps of the same can do this, but somehow OmniFocus can’t. It seems silly at this point to NOT have this feature.