Repeat first business day after monthly date?

Hi, I have a monthly task that needs to be completed each month on the 19th (so far, so good), or on the next business day, if the 19th is a weekend. Can anyone help me set this up?

Here’s how you’d set this up (click image for full view):

This item would repeat every month on the 19th. OmniFocus 3 allows you to reschedule an instance of a repeating task while preserving the repeat schedule, so whenever the 19th happens to fall on a weekend, you can change that instance of the repeating item to be due on the 20th or 21st (whichever happens to be the following Monday). As long as your Repeat settings are set to specify the 19th as the basis of your repetition, then when you check off this one rescheduled task, the next item will go back to being due on the 19th, per your repeat settings. I hope this helps!

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So the main answer is it cannot be done, but this is the workaround?

Sorry, I may be misunderstanding — the post I provided was an attempt to explain that this can be done in OmniFocus 3, and how you’d go about doing it. Perhaps the original poster would like to comment if this meets the needs of what they were requesting, but if I’ve misunderstood this request and there’s some other part of this that OmniFocus isn’t currently offering, would you be willing to clarify?

Then I may have misunderstood your answer. I thought the question was whether OF3 was able to automatically skip the non-business days.

I see, thanks for clarifying. OmniFocus 3 will allow you to repeat items on specific days of the week (like every other Monday, or the 3rd Thursday, Monday through Friday), or, specific days of the month (the 1st, the last, the 19th). However, there isn’t currently a way to do both of these at the same time, like “Every month on the 19th, unless the 19th is a weekend.”

Fortunately our new repeat model makes it possible for you to manually reschedule the individual instances that come up when the 19th falls onto a weekend, without messing up the original “Every month on the 19th” repeat schedule (as demonstrated above). However, I’m afraid we don’t currently offer a method for that rescheduling to happen automatically, or otherwise set due dates to a value like “every month on the 19th, or if that falls on the weekend, the 20th or 21st.”

I’ll go ahead and get a feature request filed for the automatic rescheduling aspect of this. Thanks for the suggestion! If any other readers would like to see this added, please email our support team at and we can get you added to that request.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if the item really needs to be completed on the 19th (or later), you would want to use “Assigned Date” for the “Repeat from this items:” so that the next item will at least be scheduled for the 19th. You may then have to move it to a weekday, but at least the “scheduling” will stay consistent.

Using the othe option for repeating may mean that the next item gets pushed out past the 19th unnecessarily (say, if you mark it complete on the 21st because that was a Monday, your next one would also be scheduled for the 21st, even if the 19th falls on a weekday).

Your request would be a very useful feature, but doesn’t seem possible today. What I would do in your scenario is to check where the 19th falls when you mark the task complete and adjust that next instance then and there. It’s an extra step, but at least it keeps things clean.

Thanks @aaron, I was hoping that there would already be a concept like this built in, but I’m optimistic that it shouldn’t be too difficult to create and that actually a lot of other people would appreciate.

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