Repeat function results in a pile of "completed" projects and tasks. Is this expected?

Hi community!

I am evaluating Omni Focus 2 trying to get away from Mac OS X Notes App. So far looks promising, lots of features, flat pricing (compared per-year) is another plus. There is one feature I am trying to understand if I am doing it right: repeated tasks.

Here is my use case: there are checklist-style project I have in Notes to track something which needs to be done every day, every week or every month (e.g. pay bills). Currently in Notes I have it organized in pretty low-tech fashion: I have few note (single action projects) in tickler file folder structure with checkboxes I tick on a particular date. Once all done I reset all checkboxes and the note just gets physically moved in corresponding day/week/month. Simple enough, e-Tickler file process, nothing more.

Now, I tried to implement similar workflow in Omni Focus 2 and end up with this behavior. I created a single action list project which completes when all task complete. Pretty straightforward. I set up repeat schedule with deferred in 1 day. Once project completes, it keeps it as complete and immediately duplicates identical one with all tasks due. As a result, if something is getting “checked out” every day I end up with pile of completed projects and current one. This is fine as with View I can filter ones which are only available and hide completed. When it gets messy is when I try to find something among completed projects or I lost something and when showing “All” it just a huge list of things. I do realize that I maybe missing something and if I get fancy with perspectives I don’t really need to worry about all duplicate completed projects which are just a result of repeat function.

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who has something similar so wonder if I am doing it right? Of not what are other options? If thats the only way how everybody is setting up perspectives in order to keep track of everything without a need to “Show All” to make sure that nothing slipped through? Thanks!


Instead of marking a task or set of tasks complete you can simply defer them to the next day. They will be grayed out, and, depending on your view preferences, even disappear until the next day. Play with it and see if it doesn’t solve your problem of an annoying stack of completed actions to clean up every day.