Repeat project multiple times per day

I’m trying to organize a “process inboxes” project that I’d like to recur twice daily (10AM and 4PM). I’m struggling trying to figure out the proper repeat settings to make this happen. Every 6 hours will make it 10AM, 4PM, 10PM, 4AM and I don’t see any other options that might make this work. The other option is to duplicate the project, but this is less than desirable - as any change to the project need to be duplicated.

I’m sure I must be missing something - how do others structure these types of projects?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Could do two events: one at 10am and one at 4pm and set the repeat to daily. Would create an extra entry in the listing but might be simplest way.

Thanks @ScoutsHonor. If I understand you properly, you’re suggesting the “other option” from my OP, which I was hoping to avoid - but the more I’m looking and researching this, the more I’m realizing that may be my only option.

You’re right. You can’t repeat a project on the same day automatically in OF. You might be able to create something using Shortcuts on IOS to trigger at a certain time every day and create 2 new projects for you with the same items

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