Repeat Task on 1st day of year?

I have several tasks that I complete on an annual basis, but sometimes take me months to get to. So while they are completed once a year, ideally in January, I may not complete them until ( like today ) May. However, I still want the next due date to be Jan 1 of the next year.

I have a task which is set to repeat each year, and the other options are
Repeat from Completio n
Repeat from Assigned date.

So perhaps if I set the due date to Jan 1 with a repeat of 1 year from the assigned date, I’ll be set? Example below of a task I completed today and manually set the next due date to Jan 1 , 2020.

if now, Is there a way to do this in OF3?

In OF3 the option is (also) either: ‘Repeat from This Item’s Completion’ or ‘Repeat from This Item’s Assigned Dates’.

Choosing ‘Assigned Dates’ will indeed set the task to reappear as available and deferred/due on - in your case, Yes - 1 Year from January 1… that is 2020-01-01 - assuming you set it on that sate this year. If you completed it today and chose ‘Repeat from This Item’s Completion’, it will be set to appear again on 2020-05-12.


Thx. it sounds like it will work the way I want it to. I might change it to a deferred task starting on the 1st of the year with a later due date, but for now I’ll keep it simple.

I do this with a bunch of 1st of year tasks (changing batteries in smoke detectors, emergency radio, etc.) and with semi-annual household tasks (closing crawlspace vents, checking antifreeze in cars, etc.) and typically set them to repeat with a defer date of the day I want them to become available with a due date 10 or 15 days out. Gives me a couple of weeks to get around to doing them before they go overdue. I flag them so that they appear as tasks I’ve prioritized to schedule for the day when I do my morning review.

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