Repeat with no date

Hello there,

I have tasks that, once completed, will need to be done again, and I don’t want them to “fall off” my OF lists. Since I don’t know the exact day I want to do the task again, does that rule out the repeating functions OF offers? Is there some other way to handle this?

I could just flag and unflagging it but it would appear as “optional” in my mind in my Today perspective. Also, I could just remove the date(s) instead of checking the status circle, but…yuck. I want it to remain as an option for choosing to do after I’ve completed it, bc I do actually need to repeat it.


I have a few tasks like this. My approach is to flag them, and then defer them with “defer another” as my repeat option. This means that the next instance of the task will be deferred by the set time from the time I complete the current instance.

In this way, I get notified of the thing by virtue of it becoming available and being flagged. If I don’t want to do it, I just defer it out to when I think I want to see it again, and then the repeat will create a new deferred instance after I complete it.

This is just what works for me, YMMV.