Repeatable actions using "Defer Until" & "Due" dates


What options should I select to create below set of actions:

Action # 1: Repeat action every 2 days? Example: Let’s say I completed this action on Monday (June, 2nd) then it should be set to repeat again on Wednesday (June, 4th) however if I miss it and perform this action on Thursday (June, 5th) then it should repeat again on Saturday (June, 7th).

Action # 2: Repeat this action every week with fixed Defer Until for Friday 8am and Due for Sunday 8pm? Example: Let’s say I completed this action that was due for Sunday (June, 8th), 1 day late on Monday (June, 9th) but it should repeat again with Defer Until for Friday (June, 13th) 8am and Due for Sunday (June, 15th) 8pm.

I am finding it confusing to setup the above two repeatable actions and I would appreciate your help on this.


I think for Action 1 you want:

Defer: June 2 (or maybe June 1 if you want available the day before)
Due: June 2
Due again: 2 days

For Action 2 you want:

Defer: June 6 8 am
Due: June 8 8pm

Repeat every: 1 week

Many thanks. I think that helped. I had configured it the same way however I think the weekday selection was messing it up. I have now left the weekday unselected and the Next Deferred and Next Due are showing up right. I’ll update if it still doesn’t work as expected :-)