Repeated project with due dates of tasks


what is the best way to set up the following project?

  • Project repeats itself every month (the current have to be completed)

  • (Some) Tasks are sequential, i.e. I can complete task 1 or 2 but both have to be completed before task 3

  • Some tasks have a due date and should not be available before a specific date

  • Some tasks have a due date but rely on completion of other tasks

  • My project
    – task 1 not before last day of month, due 1st of next month
    – task 2 not before last day of month, due 3rd of next month
    – task 3 available when 1 and 2 are completed
    – task 4 available after 3 BUT in any case due on 15th (even if 3 not completed by then)

Thanks a lot!

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Simple answer is you can’t for a number of reasons firstly because one project can not be reliant (in this case completed) before another iteration is spawned

You may be able to get close by using a combination of a sequential project with non sequential and sequential action lists inside it

For example project sequential first action list with 2 tasks non sequential then sequential action lists for the others.

You are not going to achieve this completely but you may get close

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Could you explain with an example how you mean with: “For example…” ?

I have had a similar issue, using a workaround that worked before, but not now: to get a reminder of a project in Today, I added a (Go to) project action with a tag and a defer date. In its note field I added a link to the project. (All other actions were without tags or dates). Clicking the link opened an untagged window, not going to the project. It worked earlier. What might be wrong?

Do you have a clue? Thanks.


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