Repeated Tasks with limited number of reps

Just switched to OF3 Pro after using OF2 for years (thanks to those of you who helped me answer questions about the shift). I’m enjoying OF3 and figuring out some new functionality. Here’s a feature I’m looking for, but can’t find: is it possible to create a repeated task, but one that ends after a certain number of repetitions? For instance, “Check water level” repeated every Friday, but only repeated for 10 weeks before the task ends. It’s a small feature, and I can work around it - but if there’s a way to set up something like that, it would be great…

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It’s not currently possible to have a repeating task end after a specified number of repetitions.

When I no longer need a repeating tasks, I typically drop it and choose the “Drop Completely” option. You could also simply delete it.

I agree that this would be a very useful addition…and encourage you to submit this feature request to the Omni Group (

If you use the Taskpaper format and import a project you could quickly create a project with 10 actions (copy and past the line) where the project completes after the last action is completed.

If this is something you anticipate doing a lot you could build something in Shortcuts (on IOS) which dynamically creates the Taskpaper for you and imports it into OF.

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Helpful thoughts - thank you both!

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In fact if you create the project in OF you can export it out to Taskpaper format for reuse.

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