Repeated Use of Workflow Taskpaper into Omnifocus creates duplicate project names

I wrote a Workflow, ahem, workflow to take a user-selectable set of taskpaper files, substitute for some variables and then add to a project in Omnifocus. (Variables use the pseudo-standard French Double Quotes to delimit them.)

I expected the first one to create the project and subsequent ones to add to it. But that’s not what happened. Each template file created a new, identically-named, project.

Now this isn’t necessarily fatal to the workflow:

I’ve modified it to loop through the input files, appending them to each other. Then this longer file undergoes variable substitution and the Taskpaper to Omnifocus stage is invoked. Works fine.

My workaround is fine for me - until the day comes when I want to retrospectively add to the project using this code. Then I’ll end up with 2 projects.

I’ve no idea, by the way, how to merge two projects in Omnifocus on iOS.

(For those that might be interested the way I select templates is using a Multi-Choice list stage in Workflow.)


You can specify a project as a paste target, so that might simplify?

Obviously, this will make your flow project-specific, but what I have done for this sort of thing is create, in Workflow, a list/menu of projects I might add to that sub in to the project name.


I didn’t think a paste target Project was supposed to work YET.

In any case I already store the project name in a variable so that OUGHT to work.

Thanks @deturbulence!